Menzi Muck AG

Menzi Muck AG - the Swiss producer of walking Menzi Muck excavators. The company is seated in Swiss town Widnau. The company was founded by Ernst Menzi, co-creator of the first walking excavator known as MUK.

A long experience, latest technologies and a Swiss precision make Menzi excavators perfect for any work performed in difficult conditions.

The main models are:

- Menzi Muck 3000
- Menzi Muck 5000
- Menzi Muck 6000
- Menzi Muck A70, and later A71
- Menzi Muck A20, A61, A81, A91, A111 in different versions, produced currently

Walking excavators Menzi Muck are today universal machines which may substitute many tracked excavators, hydraulic excavators or regular dragline excavators. They prove useful in everyday use on building sites or on steep slopes, in water up to 4.5 m deep, in deep swamp, in mountains or in forest areas. Thanks to its flexible chassis the excavator can be used on any terrain.

A wide range of Menzi Muck excavators makes it possible to choose the best excavator from 7.5 to 10.5 tons.

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