Kaiser AG

Kaiser AG - seated in Liechtenstein, is one of the first producers of walking excavators. The history of the company dates back to the early 20th century, however, it was in 1965 when Josef Kaiser and Ernst Menzi invented the first model of walking excavator known as MUK. As the years passed, Kaiser modernized, improved and developed the production of spider excavators.

Models which can be treated as the biggest achievements of the producer are:

- Kaiser X4 Turbo
- Kaiser X4 Turbomobil
- Kaiser X4 Turbostar
- Kaiser S1
- Kaiser S2 - produced till present, in different model versions
- Kaiser S3 -
- Kaiser SX -
- Kaiser S10 - new
- Kaiser S12 - new

On many construction sites working conditions are extremely difficult. Steep slopes, swampy terrain - a regular excavator is not enough - but walking excavators can be used there. Their construction is suitable for this kind of conditions. Hydraulic jibs along with excavator?s weight and its construction make it possible to get to such places which a regular excavator would find it very difficult to access. In walking excavators Kaiser, BOSCH Rexroth hydraulics and diesel engines of such producers as Perkins and Deutz have been used.

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